Enjoy this YouTube video featuring Geomancer Sig Lonegren explaining Basic Pendulum Dowsing.

Just a few things you can do with a pendulum:

    Prepare yourself and tune into your pendulum.
    Determine your own personal pendulum's responses.
    Ask Yes or No questions.
    Dowse for food sensitivities and allergies.
    Use various charts to dowse for specific purposes.

Geomancer Sig Lonegren's once out-of-print book "Spiritual Dowsing" is now available in a revised edition as of July 2007 from Gothic Image . A 1996 free pdf version of "Spiritual Dowsing"  is available to read online (as of Feb 2012) at:

A nother free pdf file of Dowsing Charts created by Juanita Ott is available at

This Ohio Buckeye Dowser's web page lists an extensive amount of dowsing related links.

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Updated 9 Feb 2012